Best Reasons to Move to Houston

Texas can be a great state to live in, and its major cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin have a lot going for them. For example, Houston is a fast-growing, well-rounded city that is surprisingly affordable. The job market is doing great, and the city offers a plethora of cultural and recreational opportunities.

Houston loves businesses, whether they’re small or large. The startup scene in the city thrives alongside reliable industries such as medicine, manufacturing, distribution, aviation, aerospace, energy, and the life sciences. The area is also home to numerous higher education institutions, school districts, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and art galleries—the list goes on. It makes for a diverse and rich jobs scene.

The Housing is Affordable

Big cities do not always have a reputation for affordable housing. However, homes and apartments in Houston are affordable in many neighborhoods there. Sure, neighborhoods such as East Downtown may be out of reach for people with modest incomes, but the Houston metropolitan area is very large with a nice variety of housing options in the city and the suburbs for singles, couples, and families to choose from.

The Many, Many Activities

Whether you’re single, have a large family or fall somewhere in between, there’s a lot to do in Houston. A partial list includes college and professional sports, theater and museum districts, the zoo, the space center, and parks. For instance, the park Discovery Green is home to festivals such as the Houston Korean Festival, and Memorial Park is great for tennis players, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Houston Never Gets Stale

The job market, housing scene, and the many activities are three main reasons many people move to Houston, but the city offers so much more. Life here never gets stale. The cuisine is varied, the communities are close-knit, and the universities are world-class. Bike lanes are being expanded, and two international airports serve the area. Houston is a city that offers gems to uncover every day.

Better Housing Options

Houston offers homes and apartment rentals at affordable prices.

Activities Galore

There are so many activities to do in Houston, You'll never be bored.


A variety of entertainment is available throughout the city limits.

Off the Beaten Path

There are many areas and historical sites to see in and around Houston.

Sunny Weather

Houston's unbeatable weather is warm and sunny most of the year.

Job Market

Businesses are moving to Houston faster than many cities in the U.S.